At One World Global Health, we all have one common goal– bringing healthcare to underserved patients in developing countries, through medical mission trips.  Meet our dedicated team:




Dr. Eric Purdy practices ophthalmology in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has been involved in medical mission work for over 15 years.  During that time, he has made over 30 trips and performed over 600 surgeries in locations throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Asia.  When he is not working or traveling, he enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments, and spending time outdoors by mountain biking, sailing, and skiing.





Dr. Cathleen and David McCabe and their five children have been involved in medical mission work for over a decade.  Cathleen practices ophthalmology in Sarasota, FL, and David is a marine biologist and entrepreneur.  During their mission trips, Cathleen and her staff perform eye surgeries and consults, while David frequently serves as mission trip coordinator and runs the optometry and eyeglass donation site.  Their kids, who range in age from 26 to 9, can often be seen accompanying them on their humanitarian trips.  In their free time, they enjoy traveling the world and scuba diving.









Drs. Erin and Trevor Payne currently reside near Augusta, Georgia, where Erin is an Emergency Medicine resident and Trevor is a foot and ankle surgeon.  They have each participated in several medical mission trips, and look forward to making it a substantial part of their future medical careers.  Erin started One World Global Health as an extracurricular project during medical school, and hopes to help it grow to meet the needs of these life-changing medical mission trips.  In their free time, Erin and Trevor, along with their 10 year old daughter Madelyn, enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors.








Chris Purdy is a freelance Director of Photography and cinematographer in Los Angeles, CA.  He has participated in several medical mission trips and contributes his talents in web and media design to One World Global Health.  He enjoys traveling, from exploring his great state of California, to several immersive experiences filming and learning about other cultures.






Dr. Tom Ingolia is retired from a career in technology management and pharmaceutical research. He has a PhD in biochemistry and an MBA in finance, has started and run a non-profit education venture, and has served as the CEO of public and private companies.  He assists in the operation of One World Global Health from a business management standpoint.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and enjoying nature.